Midek Concept

Admission Processing & VISA Counselling

Admission processing at Midek Concept is mellifluous and fast. However, response time is dependent on the specific schools. You can also be guided at each step if you wish to handle the processing  yourself. Midek Concept is all about transparency and putting smiles on the faces of our clients!


At Midek Concept, the importance of visa counselling is highly underscored because it helps to further boost the confidence level of our students in addition to their top scores in standardized tests. The visa counselling class can take from three weeks to five weeks (selected days during the week).It is a rigorous session that helps encapsulates the needs of the visa consular.


The acronym STEM means

S- Science

T- Technology

E- Engineering

M- Math

If you want to study or have studied any course under the STEM, then you stand a greater chance of experiencing extensive scholarship-The US wants researchers in these fields of study!

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