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Welcome to Midek Concept

A cognoscente in standardized tests training has over the years excelled in preparing students for scholarship scores. We provide students with reliable strategies to ace standardized exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, PTE, DET and IELTS.

Our experiences and experts in tests construction, `Measurement and Evaluation have given us the needed impetus to holistically impart positively on our students’ scores making them study on scholarships – both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

How it Started

Midek Concept started in 2004 and has helped students of all calibre achieve their international study dream by getting scholarship through its mindboggling training. Many of our students are doing greatly in their various fields of study- particularly in the US, CANADA, and even EUROPE.


Our Goal

Our goal is to be the best institution that is able to transform students’ academic needs to reality!

We are also involved in outdoor training of students in Senior Secondary Schools for the SAT.

Principals and Heads of Secondary Schools who want to start the American Curriculum can contact us for the blueprint of standardized tests.


Our Instructors

We have dedicated research instructors who are certified teachers(TRCN), and specially trained to get the best out of any student. If you are looking for a training centre that will get you a scholarship score, then join us at MIDEK CONCEPT where our training is unrivalled!

Get the requisite training from MIDEK CONCEPT, as you aspire for a world-class degree!

Midek Concept

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